PizzaRev announced the launch of a comprehensive nutrition portal including complete allergen information and nutrition calculator, built by Nutritionix. PizzaRev is the first fast-casual pizza franchise to work with Nutritionix, the world's largest open database of nutritional information.

“Our nutrition platform is designed to quickly provide guests the information they need to make the best food choices for their unique needs, something that has been lacking in the fast-casual pizza space until now,” says Nicholas Eckerman, cofounder and COO of PizzaRev. “Guests can now conveniently see how to build a PizzaRev pizza with less than 500 calories, filter out ingredients for preference or allergy, and much more. Nutritionix has built a world-class nutrition platform and we’re proud to be the first build-your-own pizza concept to deliver it to our guests.”

The nutrition portal is accessible through PizzaRev’s online menu and is mobile optimized. Guests are empowered to configure the nutritional makeup of their custom, personal pizzas on their smartphones while perusing the menu at PizzaRev’s 19 open restaurants.  

"Restaurant chains come to Nutritionix when they want to go above and beyond in providing transparency to their customers,” says Danielle Colley, MS, RD, and director of nutrition for Nutritionix. “Nutritionix is proud to add PizzaRev to our growing list of restaurant chains who sincerely care about health and wellness for their customers."

The nutrition portal launch is one of many PizzaRev initiatives that contribute to a healthful, high-quality pizza experience, without sacrificing speed. PizzaRev’s original dough is homemade daily and proofed for 24 hours, while state-of-the-art dough presses allow the crew to create more than 100 pizzas per hour. Organic red sauce and all-natural Italian cheese are among PizzaRev’s staple ingredients, and the culinary team continuously seeks out locally

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