In observation of National Vegan Month, PizzaRev introduced a vegan sausage topping to its selection of 30+ artisanal cheeses and ingredients. The build-your-own pizza concept will feature the spicy soy sausage through the rest of the year at its 19 locations across California, Texas, Utah, and Minnesota.

Whether for diet or taste preference, guests can craft their own entirely vegan pizza using PizzaRev’s original dough, Daiya Mozzarella vegan cheese, vegan sausage, and a choice of three vegan sauces: PizzaRev’s organic marinara, spicy-sweet BBQ, or olive oil. There are also 17 veggie toppings to choose from—ranging from freshly cut tomatoes and basil, to Kalamata olives, and sweet pineapple.

“Our build-your-own pizza movement caters to every pizza lover, whether you’re vegan, a meat lover or keep a gluten-free diet,” says Nicholas Eckerman, COO and co-founder of PizzaRev. “Vegans are some of our most vocal fans because they finally found a pizza joint that suits their needs—they will love our vegan sausage option.”

PizzaRev offers a completely customizable dining experience, empowering guests to craft their own perfect 11” pizza. The process starts with the crust, either original or gluten-free. Guests then choose from four signature sauces, including a organic marinara, a white alfredo, and a spicy-sweet BBQ, and then top it off by choosing from a wide array of cheese, meat, and veggie toppings. Each pizza is fired in less than three minutes in PizzaRev’s 900 degree stone-hearth oven.

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