Planet Smoothie announces 99 Cents Smoothie Days at locations nationwide this summer as part of a campaign highlighting the benefits of incorporating smoothies into one’s diet. The promotion kicks off tomorrow, May 7, with a focus on weight loss, featuring the Leapin’ Lizard (peaches, strawberries, and fat burner blast), one of Planet Smoothie’s most popular weight loss smoothies with only 209 calories, less than one gram of fat and three grams of dietary fiber.

“The lifestyle choices you make–such as what to eat and drink, how much exercise and rest to get, whether or not to smoke or take dietary supplements, and how well you manage stress–will determine the quality of your life both now and in the future,” says Cindy Heroux, registered dietician and author of The Manual That Should Have Come with Your Body.

On the first Wednesday of each month this summer (May through September), Planet Smoothie locations will highlight the company’s five lifestyle categories by offering one signature smoothie from the featured lifestyle category each month for only 99 cents. These discounted smoothies will correspond with the lifestyle category that Planet Smoothie is featuring that month.

Throughout the summer, consumers may enjoy the 99 cents smoothie series, featuring Spazz (strawberries, bananas, and booster blast) for a boost of energy in June; Chocolate Chimp (chocolate, bananas, and protein blast) for a protein kick in July; Twig & Berries (strawberries, bananas, and yogurt) to help you cool off in the intense August heat; and Screamsicle (pineapple, peaches, orange juice, sherbet, and anti-oxidant blast) for a “good for your body” wellness smoothie in September.

“The five-month lifestyle campaign, “Planet Smoothie’s 99 Cents Smoothie Days”, will offer consumers an inexpensive way to incorporate smoothies into their spring and summer lifestyle–a time when consumers tend to be most active,” says Becky Shell, director of marketing for Planet Smoothie. “We have numerous customers who are loyal to Planet Smoothie as their primary source for healthy on-the-go meal options, but many consumers need an incentive to encourage smoothie consumption as a part of their daily routine. We see this campaign as an incentive to help consumers develop habits for living a healthier lifestyle as well as a way to introduce the health benefits of our five lifestyle smoothie categories.”

Schedule for 99 Cent Smoothie Days

May 7: Leapin’ Lizard (Weight Loss lifestyle category)

June 4: Spazz (Energy lifestyle category)

July 2: Chocolate Chimp (Protein lifestyle category)

August 6: Twig & Berries (Cool Blended lifestyle category)

September 3: Screamsicle (Wellness lifestyle category)

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