Pokemoto, Muscle Maker, Inc.’s expanding Hawaiian poke bowl restaurant concept, today announced that it has launched its new Hawaiian inspired limited time only SPAM focused menu items. The SPAM Musubi Bowl and SPAM Musubi are live in participating locations just in time for the holidays.

SPAM is a brand of canned cooked pork. It gained popularity worldwide after its use during World War II.

The first menu item, the SPAM Musubi Bowl, is a bowl centered around SPAM products as the main ingredient and includes sushi rice, crispy SPAM classic prepared in an air-fryer, edamame, green onion and mango tossed in Pokemoto’s house-made sweet Teriyaki sauce, topped with tamago, shredded nori, togarashi flakes, seaweed salad and furikake.

The second new limited time menu item, the SPAM Musubi is served as an add on to any meal or as a snack on the go. Prepared fresh daily, SPAM classic Musubis are crafted with air-fried SPAM, drizzled with sweet house-made Teriyaki sauce, wrapped in sushi rice with furikake flakes and are hugged in a nori seaweed jacket.

In addition to launching air-fried SPAM classic in the new limited time only menu items, the brand launched a new topping, tamago a Japanese egg recipe with a sweet flavor profile which consists of whisked egg, sugar, mirin (rice wine) and rice vinegar. A popular poke bowl topping in Hawaii.

“We wanted to really dive into our Hawaiian roots with this limited time offer and SPAM classic was at the top of the list,” says Michael Roper, CEO of Pokemoto. “Hawaiians celebrate SPAM classic and eat seven million cans a year. Today you’ll find SPAM dishes served everywhere in Hawaii from convenience stores to restaurants. Our culinary team was hard at work building the perfect Musubi bowl, which is really like a deconstructed Musubi with some extra toppings including tamago, which is brand new for Pokemoto. We like to keep our flavor profiles unique while being mindful of the resources that we already have on hand. The Musubi is actually quite filling for a grab-n-go “snack” item. Our core audience of Millennials and Gen-Z’s can grab one on the run or save it for later after enjoying one of our heaping poke bowls. We have some exciting promotions lined up on social media and via our text program to celebrate the new SPAM brand offerings now that we’re rolling.”

The Musubi Bowl and Musubis will be available in store and online via Snackpass and other third party delivery services such as UberEats, DoorDash and GrubHub, at participating locations.

Roper continues, “We’re all about options here at Pokemoto and the Musubi Bowl and Musubis give our guests something new and flavorful to enjoy when visiting our restaurants. We’ll continue to drum up new ideas and recipes in the kitchen to ensure we’re meeting the expectations of our loyal customers while keeping our ingredients fresh and interesting!”

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