Pokeworks is embracing the warmer weather by introducing an explosion of flavor that is sure to brighten any spring day. 

From April 4 to July 9, Pokeworks fans can enjoy its exclusive Chili Lime Chicken Noodle Bowl featuring the highest quality ingredients. The chef-curated dish includes premium all-natural chicken, shredded cabbage, sweet onions, serrano peppers, edamame and fresh cucumbers on a bed of chilled ramen-style noodles. A tangy Southeast Asian-inspired sweet chili lime sauce is then drizzled on top to bring all the flavors together along with a final touch of scallions, cilantro, toasted sesame seeds and crushed peanuts.

The National Restaurant Association is anticipating increased demand for in-restaurant experiences and local flavors that can’t be replicated at home in 2023, and Pokeworks’ new Chili Lime Chicken is right on trend. It puts a unique twist on a traditional staple with its fusion of sweet and spicy flavors drawn from globally inspired ingredients, salads and dishes. 

Pokeworks fans looking for a light and fresh dish will enjoy the all-natural, skinless and boneless chicken breast that soaks up the savory sauce while offering plenty of health benefits. Chicken breasts are a great source of low-fat protein and a tasty option for many mindful diets.  

The special, limited-time offering will be available in a regular or large bowl or burrito. Plus, Pokeworks’ Chili Lime Chicken is a delicious addition to any meal throughout the spring season, available as an option on any Poke Your Way bowl, burrito or salad.

“Our Chili Lime Chicken was inspired by Southeast Asian ingredients and dishes that bring to mind the region’s passion for sweet and spicy flavors in every bite,” says Pokeworks CEO Steve Heeley. “The addition of chilled noodles in this dish makes it perfect for anyone who wants to enjoy ramen-style noodles in the warmer weather. No matter if it’s in a bowl, burrito or salad, our Chili Lime Chicken is a great choice for anyone looking for a delicious yet healthy option this spring.” 

Prices for the Chili Lime Chicken Noodle Bowl start at $13.95 and vary by location. 

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