The most dynamic website available for Mexican cuisine within the foodservice segment is now available at

The new online resource makes adding fully prepared Mexican products easy and profitable.

“POSADA has been a trusted foodservice brand since 1980,” says director of marketing Brad Kumin. “The brand is known for premium Mexican food products that are quick and easy to prepare. It is only natural that we offer a website that makes an operator’s job just as easy with important new tools and resources.”

Three important tools are most notable within the new website.

“The profit calculator is an easy tool for determining the menu price of any of our POSADAproducts based on the case price and any other components of a plated menu item,” Kumin says.

“Because POSADA is one of Windsor Foods’ brands, an operator can also download a similar profit calculator app for their smartphone from the iTunes App Store and similar stores for Android phones,” he continues. “Simply search for the Windsor Foods Profit Calculator. The app is free and is the first free profit calculator app available free of charge for smartphones. ”

Operators visiting the website can also register to receive the latest discount coupons that are regularly made available for POSADA products. The option enables any operator who purchases POSADA products to save additional money throughout the year.

The website encourages operators to ask questions about culinary or operational challenges they may be experiencing from POSADA’s executive chef, Sam Blando.

Chef Blando can recommend new menu options, help operators with questions about kitchen preparation, and recommend easy and profitable side dishes or sauces for a Mexican menu.

The website provides a comprehensive overview of all POSADA products and enables users to download marketing tools and professional photography of plated POSADA products for their menus, as well as recipes for easy-to-prepare dipping sauces and complementary side items for operations offering a Mexican cuisine or menu item.

Windsor Foods is one of the nation’s largest suppliers of fully prepared menu items for foodservice. In addition to POSADA, Windsor Foods offers Fred’s for Starters appetizers, The Original Chili Bowl, Bernardi Italian food products, Golden Tiger Asian food products, and Whitey’s gourmet chili. 

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