What happened to lunch? It used to be a beloved, out-of-the-office sacred ritual. Now, more days than not, it’s a sad, quick nibble during a standing 12 p.m. status meeting.

“I once saw someone eating mustard-stained bologna while fumbling to hit the unmute button on a conference call. It made me sick to my stomach,” says Brandon Rhoten, chief marketing officer of Potbelly.

Potbelly Sandwich Shop wants to help everyone love lunch again. So, they’re introducing Lunch Doubles—a strike force of professional voice impersonators who will take care of your lunchtime biz so you can focus on, well, lunch.

Have a conference call that’s getting in the way of your lunch? Let Potbelly know and they’ll send in a Lunch Double. A trained voice pro will learn how you sound and then take the conference call for you … or as you, rather.

Want in? Say the word. Call 312-676-3319 and leave Potbelly a message that explains why you wanna get out of the meeting for lunch. A few lucky people will be chosen to get their hour back.

Here’s a demo of the lunch double program here: 

Potbelly Lunch Double Demo from Potbelly on Vimeo.

Potbelly’s lawyers recommend you choose a call where you’ll be saying vapid corporate phrases like “synergistic,” “I’ll circle back on that” and “let’s square the circle.” Your Lunch Double will do their best to represent you, but please, don’t lose your job over this. It’s literally your call.

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