When it came time to roll out its revitalized brand identity on the toughest of target audiences – New Yorkers, Pret a Manger turned to out of home (OOH) advertising.

Pret a Manger sought to increase brand awareness and likeability, generate strong ad recall of its offerings, and drive purchase intent through its OOH campaign. Talon was brought on board to develop a targeted media strategy around the brand and its menu, securing highly effective OOH media placements throughout New York City.

The campaign, which was executed near commuter hubs to reach New Yorkers on their way to and from work, featured a variety of OOH formats, including digital billboards, street kiosks, and transit media. Simultaneously, Talon geofenced all Pret a Manger locations in Manhattan to reach consumers within close proximity to stores with OOH ads.

The use of OOH yielded immediate and measurable results for the month-long campaign, which ran from September to October. Exposure to OOH effectively impacted consumers’ awareness and recognition of Pret a Manger and boosted purchase intent.

The campaign generated more than 29 million impressions and 52 percent of those exposed to the campaign recalled seeing an advert for Pret a Manger. Among the other results:

  • 93 percent of consumers exposed gave positive opinions of Pret a Manger
  • 76 percent said that they liked the Pret a Manger ad, with 74 percent feeling that it bettered their perceptions of the brand
  • 71 percent said they are likely to recommend Pret a Manger following exposure to the OOH campaign


The campaign further underscores the incremental impact and efficacy of OOH for brands – especially those within the quick-service restaurants category. Advanced OOH targeting features enable quick-service restaurants to identify, target, reach, and engage consumers with more precision than ever before. And no other medium is better suited to reach potential customers with vibrant, eye-catching campaigns that stand out from the crowd, rise above the ad clutter, and drive measurable success.

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