River's Edge Project Management, an organization that specializes in quick-service restaurant project management and foodservice franchise construction consulting, announced that it is nearing the opening of its 100th franchise store.
Based in Hamburg, Michigan, the organization works nationwide to help franchise owners manage the entire new store development and construction process while ensuring due diligence, obtaining permits, and preserving the project scope. The organization fully advises franchise owners to make sure their best interests are met while delivering on goals and objectives.
"At River's Edge Project Management, we are dedicated to helping franchise owners attain maximum benefit through our quick-service project management and quick-service franchise construction services. We offer a turnkey product that allows for the client to experience an efficient and effective store build-out while staying on budget and on schedule," says Matt Vetter, company president.
The majority of the firm's client base are Little Caesars Pizza franchisees and it is through this business association that River's Edge Project Management will meet the milestone of opening the 100th store that has engaged the firm's services related to quick-service construction project management.
River's Edge Project Management has been assisting Little Caesars franchise owners since 2007. Since the beginning of their involvement, the team at River's Edge Project Management has ramped up their quick-service franchise deliverables considerably, moving from opening eight stores per year to having the capacity to open more than 30 stores annually. Additionally, through the streamlining of processes, management at River's Edge Project Management believes that they have the capability of further improving on that number.
"We have made the construction schedule more effective from start to finish, moving what originally was a lengthy process down to four to five weeks on average, after receiving the necessary permits. This is a huge step in maximizing on opportunity and meeting the needs of the franchise owner; ultimately, getting the doors open faster to sell the product," Vetter says. "Furthermore, I also understand that a personal touch is needed, especially when you are a new business owner, which is why I make myself personally available to my clients 24 hours a day, seven days a week."
The organization is focused on achieving internal and external growth, for clients and their corporations alike. They are looking to partner with other franchise organizations in order to assist in promoting the quick service project management formula and quick-service franchise construction service in other brand development efforts. Company president Vetter is key in company expansion and is committed to working directly with every client in order to ensure that the highest quality standards are met when selecting architects and contractors, securing building permits, and delivering on stated objectives.

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