Since 2009, pizza has been taking the fast casual world by storm, and the brands that have ridden the crest of this storm are continuing to experience segment growth far outpacing that of traditional fast food. In a webinar on October 20 hosted by QSR Magazine and Uncle Maddio’s Pizza Joint, presenters explained pizza’s meteoric rise in the fast-casual space, along with what differentiates popular brands and what growth areas still need to be explored.  

Quelling any questions of market saturation, presenter Scott Goodrich, SVP of operations and franchise support for Uncle Maddio’s, cited the fact that pizza sales in the U.S. are second only to burger sales, and yet represent a much smaller section of total sales for the fast casual market, showing that there are plenty of avenues yet to be explored for growth in the space.   

Goodrich added that one benefit of getting in on the fast casual pizza segment right now is that it satisfies the top desires of the most relevant consumer groups: Millennials, Baby Boomers,and Gen Z’s, by providing great taste, value, quality, and freshness.

And it can all be done in a way that doesn’t require reinventing the pie; just presenting it in a more guest-friendly way. By providing quick, quality, individualized pizzas, the fast-casual format offers customers more flexible service than traditional pizza places, which typically only offer large, shareable pies with longer wait times or single slices that must be kept under a heat lamp, which doesn’t bode well for perceptions of freshness.

Roger Wagerman, Uncle Maddio’s SVP of franchise partner development, went on to give insights into how best to decide amongst the fast casual pizza franchises already on the market, with insight into which pizza varieties have the most appeal to particular demographics.

While there were certainly differences to consider, Wagerman noted that everyone in the segment is experiencing success, and that it’s not likely to slow down soon.


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