Quail Digital has launched its Q-Pro5 all-in-one drive-thru headset system in North America. Available since 2010 in other markets, the system arrives in the U.S.with strong reviews and excellent features for comfort, durability, and efficiency. 

The streamlined headset weighs 3.5 ounces, which is 30 percent less than its nearest competitor, giving unrivalled comfort and ease for users. It comes configured for single or dual lane drive thrus from just one base station. Headsets can operate completely hands free, affording the order taker and the crew full mobility and productivity; they also have a ‘sleep’ mode, saving battery capacity when the headset is not in use.

Dairy Queen, Subway, Fat Burger, Weinerschnitzel, Java Station, and Al’s American Beef are a few of the brands in North Americausing the headsets. Many more are trying the systems as word of their effectiveness spreads across the industry.

 “We’re very pleased with the system’s progress,” says Tom Downes, CEO of Quail Digital. “Feedback from each market has been very positive. Customers and their staff like it. We wanted to make a system that was highly reliable and tough, but really simple to use. I think we’ve done that.”

On the technical side, the system is using the latest noise cancelling technology in-bound and out-bound, which reduces unwanted noise in both directions. This is unique to Quail’s design, as is full duplex; alternative products are half-duplex, meaning that order takers can easily miss parts of the customer’s order.

One feature is Q-Buster, a voice message prompt that reminds crew members when the pace of order taking is slipping behind target. Greet and promotional messages are easy to program into the system, and the whole system is network compatible so the Help Desk can alter settings, download data, or fault find easily without input from the store.

Quail Digital is available direct and through approved resellers. 


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