Quisitive Technology Solutions, Inc., a premier Microsoft solutions provider and payments solutions provider, announced it is rebranding its cloud-enabled payments solution platform, formerly known as LedgerPay, as PayiQ.

Quisitive has unveiled a new name and logo for its payment processing and Payments IntelligenceTM platform. As the Company progresses towards full commercialization of the platform, the new brand identity defines PayiQ as a leading innovator in the payments space. The brand evokes intelligence and innovation, bringing to life the vision for Quisitive’s cloud-enabled payments solution.

Simultaneous with the brand launch, Quisitive has developed a new website pay-iq.com which details the platform’s value for merchants and resellers alike. PayiQ’s cloud-enabled architecture allows for greater value by developing and deploying innovative payments solutions that remove friction and enable unique data insights for consumer engagement.

Quisitive’s merchant services group, BankCard USA, is a critical component of the Quisitive Payments Solutions vision. The Company will integrate BankCard USA employees into the Quisitive umbrella as Quisitive team members. Following these integration efforts and slated for summer 2023, BankCard USA will then transition its go-to-market service offerings to the PayiQ brand, completing the full suite of payments solutions delivered to the market under the PayiQ name.

Jana Schmidt, President of Quisitive Global Payments Solutions, says of the rebrand, “The transition to the PayiQ brand is well aligned to our go-to-market strategy and plans for acceleration in 2023. The name and the brand imagery evoke the energy this solution is bringing to the industry and is synergistic with the Quisitive brand.”

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