Ohio-born pizza company, Rapid Fired Pizza, have taken inspiration from classic Italian deli cuts of pepperoni to add a whole new dimension to America’s favorite pie – meet the Triple-Roni.

“When it comes to pepperoni pizza, most places just add more and more slices,” explains Mike Kern, CEO of the pizza chain, “but guided by old-school, Italian flavors we took a different approach”.

As well as the thin-sliced pepperoni you usually find on their number-one bestseller, Rapid Fired pizza added two different kinds of cuts: cup-n-crisp and julienne strips.

The three different cuts of pepperoni are then layered across the whole pizza to give a distinctive taste that’ll make pepperoni lovers’ mouths water.

“Delicious flavor isn’t about quantity,” Kern explains. “Adding different deli-style cuts of pepperoni gives each bite a variety of textures and brings out different flavors”.

Named the “Triple-Roni”, it’s available in Rapid Fired Pizza stores for a limited time only from Feb 2 to April 15. If customers love it as much as they expect, Kern doesn’t rule out it becoming a permanent feature of Rapid Fired Pizza’s menu.

“We listen to our customers,” says Kern. “From expanding to new locations right through to the Limited Time Offers they love and want more of. Making great pizza and making people happy is what we’re all about.”

The new deli cuts join over 70 other topping and sauce options available at Rapid Fired Pizza branches, including keto-friendly low-carb No-Doh and a wide range of vegan toppings and cheeses.

“Everyone has their own preferences when it comes to pizza,” Mike says. “It’s why we make our pizzas in front of the customer, allowing them to build their own and create a pizza that’s exactly as they like it every time” he wraps up.

Since their launch in 2015, Rapid Fired Pizza’s focus on traditional flavors and fresh ingredients combined with modern oven technology that cooks pizzas perfectly evenly in just 3 minutes has quickly established them as a firm favorite.

Expanding by popular demand, the franchise now has almost 30 branches in cities and states across the US.

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