Unique memorable characters and hilarious one liners led the entries for Season 4 of HotSchedules’ “My Life, My Schedule” video contest.


“You know what, HotSchedules? I got a calendar. I got a great calendar with…red yarn.” Those are the words of “Ray Honeycutt,” the character created by HotSchedules’ “My Life, My Schedule” video contest Grand Prize winner, Ellis Noble.


There were many more contest submissions like Noble's that posed the judges with difficult decisions—decisions that have now been made.


Red Book Connect, a global cloud software company serving the restaurant and broader retail industries, announced the winners of Season 4 of its HotSchedules’ “My Life, My Schedule” video contest immediately following the HotSchedules annual user conference in Austin.


HotSchedules, an advocate for hourly workers in the restaurant industry, reached out to its fans and customers and asked them to create short videos that demonstrated how HotSchedules has changed or influenced their lives for the better.


The submissions surpassed expectations, to say the least.


Entries were judged by Red Book Connect employees, who were amazed by the enthusiasm for HotSchedules and awed by the fans’ creativity and talent which showcased the power of the movement that is crowdsourced content. “This year’s contest was unreal,” says David Cantu, chief customer officer of Red Book Connect.


The Grand Prize winner is Mr. Noble, from North Hollywood, California, for his clever video, “Meet Ray Honeycutt”. Jesse Krompier, from Los Angeles, took second place with his video, “Date Escape.” Third place goes to Senquez Bradley, from Jacksonville, Florida, for his video, “Zombie Apocalypse.” Winning fourth through 10th places are Michelle Davies, Pat Miller, Daniel Nelson, Shambray Buhler, Jennifer Jaynes, Aaron Von Buseck, and Justin Noonan.


“Our original mission for the HotSchedules product was to make managers’ and employees’ lives easier,” Cantu says. “The outpouring of amazing videos is nothing short of astonishing. We are incredibly honored and deeply humbled to have such a passionate and loyal group of customers. I enjoyed watching every video and want to extend my sincere thanks to everyone who took the time to put their HotSchedules story on film.”

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