Red Gold has announced the launch of a new upscale 20-ounce plastic ketchup bottle for foodservice operators desiring a more elegant package design for their tabletops.


“We tested the new white label ketchup in the Northeast earlier this year, and operators embraced the alternative design,” says Red Gold’s divisional vice president foodservice, David Halt. “The new packaging offers operators greater flexibility in the look of their tabletop ketchup. Our original yellow and red label 20-ounce plastic ketchup bottles will continue to be offered for those who prefer our classic design.”


Red Gold is one of America’s largest family-owned and operated tomato companies. The company is also one of the fastest growing producers of ketchup for foodservice and within the retail channel. “Our focus is in delivering the best quality tomato products in the world,” Halt explains. “When we looked at the premium quality of our ketchup and asked ourselves how we can make a great ketchup even better, we identified that offering a more elegant 20-ounce plastic ketchup would be one way to serve our foodservice customers with a great option.”


Red Gold offers a full line of premium quality ketchup at competitive pricing. From nine-gram portion control packets to bag-in-the-box three-gallon ketchup for back-of-house, there is great ketchup available for any operation.


Red Gold also offers a complete line of tomato products under its Redpack brand and the gold standard in tomato juice, Sacramento Tomato Juice.


For more information on the new white label plastic bottle or any other Red Gold product, contact Rich Meyers, Red Gold’s National Brands Sales Manager at (765) 557-5500, ext. 1630 or via e-mail at Visit

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