Red Robin Gourmet Burgers Inc. announced the launch of a new national online, television, and radio marketing campaign beginning on Monday, February 22, based on the casual dining chain’s popular and memorable mnemonic, “Red Robin… Yummm.”

The campaign was designed to increase awareness for Red Robin’s quality, variety, and value and drive guest traffic by capitalizing on the already widely recognizable catch phrase, “Red Robin…Yummm,” while also promoting Red Robin’s latest limited time offer menu items, the Prime Chophouse Burger and Southwest Grilled Chicken Salad, both available for $5.99.

Created by Periscope, a Minneapolis-based advertising firm and Red Robin’s agency of record, the campaign was developed after focus group research found that many consumers could easily recall and recite Red Robin’s mnemonic – “Red Robin…Yummm.” Throughout the campaign, promotion of the “Yummm” mnemonic will help keep Red Robin restaurants a top-of-mind choice for dining out among consumers.

“We realized Red Robin’s popular mnemonic – Yummm – could function as a modern-day Pavlovian bell which, when sounded, would cause people to immediately think of our craveable gourmet burgers,” says Susan Lintonsmith, Red Robin’s chief marketing officer. “So, we’re leveraging this already well-known asset to engage our guests and encourage them to try one of our value-priced limited time offers this spring.”

Red Robin’s marketing campaign is appearing online; on cable television, including USA Network, TBS, TLC, Comedy Central, and Food Network; and on local television and radio stations in approximately 30 markets nationwide, including Denver, Seattle, St. Louis, and Phoenix.

The ads feature various tongue-in-cheek scenarios where unlikely subjects – including a baby, a lawyer, and even the normally elusive Yeti – literally answer the Red Robin call by saying “Yummm.” As part of the campaign, consumers will experience the popular “Yummm” mnemonic through the following mediums:

*TV ads

*Online shorts

*Online parody ads

*“Yummm Builder” game

Red Robin also created the following new limited time offer items available now through Sunday, April 11:

*Prime Chophouse Burger – This juicy burger is layered with horseradish-sautéed mushrooms, gourmet steak sauce, melted Provolone cheese, and piled high with crispy onion straws. Served on an onion bun with Dijon Spread.

*Southwest Grilled Chicken Salad – An ancho-grilled chicken breast, avocado slices and fresh-fried jalapeño rings on top of crisp greens tossed in salsa-ranch dressing and layered with diced red and green bell peppers and onions, chipotle black beans, cheddar and pepper-jack cheeses and crunchy tortilla strips.

*Chili Chili Con Queso – Served hot, garnished with fresh cilantro and salsa, paired with corn tortilla chips and Red Robin’s own jalapeño-cheese flour tortilla chips.

*Freckled Lemonade Shake – Creamy soft serve blended with sweet strawberries and tart lemonade syrup. Finished with extra strawberries at the bottom and whipped cream and a lemon wedge on top.

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