Revel Eats, a new brand built for today’s foodservice operator needs, has launched with three high quality, craveable and carefully crafted gastropub-inspired appetizers. Revel Eats is the new standard for trend-forward, premium appetizers and a welcome addition to Ajinomoto Foods North America’s (AFNA) Foodservice Division family of globally-inspired prepared frozen foods.

“Something new in appetizers is what both consumers and operators want and need,” says Michael Castagna, Vice-President of Marketing for the global food and ingredient manufacturer. “Our new brand promises to bring easily executable appetizers with a global flair and one-of-a-kind flavors to the market.” The initial Revel Eats line reflect AFNA’s vision.

Revel Eats launch products include the Queso Loaded Tots that are a potato filled treat with a blend of savory cheeses, jalapeno peppers and bacon in a crispy, tortilla chip coating.  A Guacamole Bite that provides chips and guacamole all-i-one with smashed avocados, tomatoes, onions, jalapeno peppers, cilantro and lime juice in a crispy tortilla chip coating.  Completing the line is the Creamy Mango Habanero Bites that make a sweet heat treat with a filling of cream cheese, diced mangos and habanero peppers all in a buttery breading.

“Any full-service restaurant or bar & grill would be proud to serve these distinctively delicious appetizers on their menu,” says Castagna. “We’ve likewise seen interest from gastro and brewpubs, quick-service restaurants, theme parks, and even colleges and universities for these trend-forward appetizers.”

“Shared appetizers are a cornerstone of attracting Gen Z and Millennial consumers into a dine-in occasion that supports the profit from the bar. These new appetizers also transport well for takeout and delivery. We will continue to announce new, exciting products in 2023 and beyond,” Castagna concludes.

A new Datassential survey of consumers found that more than half of Gen Z consumers are eager to try a new menu item just because it sounds exciting. The research firm also found that 68% of operators are in search of new menu items that are easy to train kitchen staff and 57% seek something truly new and original. Another 35% want globally inspired items and ingredients.

Revel Eats appetizers can be prepared in various ways including deep fry, air fry or bake and can easily be further customized with complimentary sauces. The new brand is available through

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