Revel Systems, a creator of iPad point-of-sale (POS) solutions for restaurant, grocery, and retail business establishments, announced Revel 2.0.

The updated version touts several new user features with a strong focus on security updates to build out its merchant protection suite, including the first-ever photo confirmation anti-identity theft protection built directly into the POS.

With Revel's patent-pending new identity theft protection feature, an image of the credit card holder appears on the screen every time a card is swiped through the Revel iPad POS system, giving merchants and customers alike a greater sense of protection than ever before.

“At Revel we spend a lot of our time thinking about and trying to stay one step ahead of security for mobile point-of-sale transactions, while keeping ease of use front and center,” says Chris Ciabarra, Revel’s chief technology officer and cofounder, who has a background in IT credit card security.

“For this important update, the team laid out all possible security issues for our customers,” he adds. “Concentrating on credit card fraud—both current and forward thinking into future scenarios—we built onto the advancements that have been made for chip-and-PIN, CVV codes, and PCI compliance to add a brand new component that utilizes the power of the cloud and social Web to pull the most obvious anti-identity theft tool out there: your face.”

While anti-fraud and anti-theft features are becoming more commonplace for POS systems, anti-identity theft has proven to be a more difficult task to integrate into systems until now.

Stolen, fake, or fraudulent cards have been difficult to flag at the actual POS device, since systems have not had a way to visually recognize a consumer. Revel’s in-system facial confirmation feature changes this, and the secret goes back to the same social and cloud-based aspects of the Revel POS that originally put its technology on the map.

Like the other features of the Revel iPad POS, this photo security technology is simple to use. At the time of sale, the employee takes and swipes the credit card. At that point, the Revel iPad POS will pull the customer’s photo from their Revel account, which can easily be created through online Facebook integration.

The POS will then check for visual verification and prompt the employee to verify that the picture shown matches the person using the credit card, consequently removing any threat of stolen PIN codes or cards, while at the same time providing a simple form of identity verification.  

In addition to the security feature enhancements to Revel 2.0, additional updates include:

·      New AES 256 Encryption code for Infinite Peripherals card swipes

·      Mobile Device Management through partnership with Moki Mobility to allow for remote iPad management, including the ability to lock down lost or stolen iPads and data

·      Catering tracking orders and calendar

·      Delivery tracking and driver and production analytics, including average prep time, average driver times, and detailed delivery order information

·      Purchase order (PO) inventory tracking system with advanced inventory and shipment receiving  

·      SumUp integration payments for U.K. and Europe

·      Updated retail item selection features, including the ability to select size and color of specific items, which will be reflected in the item’s photo

·      Label printer from iPad for jewelry printing and ticket printing