ReviewPro, the international provider of online reputation and social media analytics for the hospitality industry, is expanding into the restaurant space. The company announces the launch of its online customer satisfaction measurement and improvement solution for restaurants, which allows individual restaurants and chains to aggregate, analyze, and respond to online reviews on hundreds of review sites and social media platforms, such as TripAdvisor, Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare, ViaMichelin, Yelp, and Zagat.

With the social web empowering every restaurant guest to have a public audience as a food critic, online reputation is a make or break factor for restaurants. Past research by U.C. Berkeley and Harvard Business School determined that an extra half-star rating in Yelp causes restaurants to sell out at least 19 percent more frequently, while a one-star increase can lead to an increase in revenue of between 5 percent and 9 percent.

“Our time-saving solution makes it easy for restaurants, from fine dining establishments to cafes and bars, to listen to their clients and ultimately deliver better customer experiences. It allows any employee, whether or not technologically savvy, to identify operational problems through the sentiment analysis of client reviews and by sorting customer feedback by operational categories such as ambiance, menu, and staff,” says RJ Friedlander, CEO of ReviewPro.

ReviewPro’s service is a tool to make better strategic decisions and identify both kitchen and front-of-the-house issues. The company’s online reputation score, the Global Review Index, also allows restaurants to compare their guest satisfaction performance with that of their competitors.

“Competitive benchmarking has long been at the core of the restaurant industry, from big chains to individual establishments that want to know how the restaurant across the street is doing, and ReviewPro offers a paramount technology to accomplish that,” Friedlander says.

This low cost solution, already implemented in restaurants such as Lawry's, a restaurant in Singapore specialized in prime rib, and the two-Michelin star establishment Il Pellicano, in Tuscany, Italy, leverages ReviewPro’s unparalleled know-how in social analytics. The company already provides its award-winning technology to thousands of hotels in more than 80 countries.