RevTrax announced the launch of a comprehensive new reporting platform that enables marketers to view highly detailed, real-time data for print-at-home and mobile coupons. Through a simple interface, marketers can build customized reports and easily access complex data that allows them to optimize media budgets, improve promotion strategy, and build campaigns based on multifaceted data, including offline transaction data.


The upgraded and reimagined RevTrax interface can be utilized for customized trend reports, like geography-based performance reports that indicate how offer engagement varies by region. Reports also include conversion funnel analysis by promotion, consumer engagement by promotion, channel breakouts, and much more.


"Having access to a comprehensive dashboard while simultaneously having the ability to query custom data empowers our clients to make more informed marketing decisions," says Jonathan Treiber, RevTrax co-founder and CEO. "Big data is great, but if you don't have the resources to analyze and apply it, it's meaningless. The promotion intelligence we've made available is one way RevTrax simplifies data into actionable numbers."


In addition to core metrics for recent and current campaigns, like revenue, transactions, prints, views, mobile activations, and other engagement data, the newly designed dashboard includes interactive graphs for marketers to better understand the performance of their digital promotions, and in turn, execute data-driven programs.