Easy Ice and Robert Irvine are teaming up to stop restaurant owners from pouring almost a billion dollars a year in to ice machine purchases. Easy Ice announces a strategic partnership in which Chef Irvine will be both a spokesperson and advisor to the fastest growing company in the commercial ice machine business.

Easy Ice offers an ice machine subscription service that solves a nagging problem for any business that needs ice:  thousands of capital dollars for a high maintenance piece of equipment that produces a commodity. Under their subscription model, Easy Ice provides the ice machine, water filters, all the service, even free Breakdown Ice if the ice machine breaks – all for an affordable fixed monthly fee.
Easy Ice and Chef Irvine got together on the set of "Restaurant:Impossible," where Irvine relentlessly makes over a restaurant in 48 hours while spending less than $10,000. The show is in its 6th season and has established Robert Irvine as the definitive authority on restaurant management.
After Easy Ice solved an ice machine problem for a "Restaurant:Impossible" customer, Irvine realized the potential. 
“Easy Ice helps businesses succeed by giving them a smart alternative to buying a commercial ice maker. I love the concept! It fits perfectly with what I do: help businesses make smarter decisions so they can achieve success,” says Irvine.
Ice machines, like dishwashers, have long been viewed as the biggest hassle in the kitchen…"and that hassle extends to any business that needs ice,” says John Mahlmeister, CMO and co-founder of Easy Ice.  “Manufacturing facilities, convenience stores, schools, [and] hospitals all need ice and have no strategic reason for producing it – it’s the perfect outsourced solution.”
“Businesses select Easy Ice so they can focus on what they do best,” adds Mahlmeister. “Smart owners know where they can make a difference, and owning an ice machine doesn’t pencil out. That’s why Chef Irvine is a perfect fit for our business. He’s a no-nonsense guy with an incredible track record of success. We are excited about what Robert and Easy Ice can accomplish together.”