Round Table Pizza, the iconic California-based pizza chain, announced a sweet and spicy limited-time offer to start the new year, a Large Stuffed Crust Mini Pepperoni Pizza with a side of Mike’s Hot Honey. Available now through April 2, the hot honey provides a perfect kick to the already mouthwatering stuffed crust pizza.

Launching in January 2022 as a limited-time offer, the Large Stuffed Crust Mini Pepperoni Pizza instantly became a fan-favorite. Rather than simply bringing the menu item back due to popular demand, Round Table Pizza decided to up their heat game with the addition of Mike’s Hot Honey. Shaking up the pizza scene for over a decade, Mike’s Hot Honey continues to elevate the pizza topping experience with its one-of-a-kind honey infused with chili peppers. Guests can opt to drizzle the hot honey on their pizza or dip their stuffed crust in. The hot honey also can be purchased as an add-on with other menu items, including the brand’s tasty wing offerings.

“Gold-standard ingredients is a key pillar of our brand, so it was only natural to form a partnership with Mike’s Hot Honey, a brand committed to providing a premium product,” said Jenn Johnston, President of FAT Brands’ Quick-Service Division. “Round Table Pizza and Mike’s Hot Honey® have some of the most loyal customers around so we hope to see the fanbases come together to experience the two together for an unforgettable flavor journey.”

“Mike’s Hot Honey was born in a pizzeria in Brooklyn so it’s exciting to now have the opportunity to share our product on the West Coast,” says Mike’s Hot Honey founder, Mike Kurtz. “It’s an honor to work with Round Table Pizza, a beloved brand that so many Californians grew up eating with their families.”

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