Roy Rogers announced its fundraiser supporting World Central Kitchen (WCK) starting Thursday, March 24 and lasting for two weeks. Half of all proceeds of the restaurants Strawberry Shortcake sales will be donated to its Ukraine relief efforts.

WCK is working with dozens of chefs and restaurant partners across 12 cities in Ukraine to provide meals to those who remain at home or are escaping to other locations within the country. With each purchase of a Strawberry Shortcake, Royalists will help provide freshly prepared meals to families in Ukraine.

“World Central Kitchen is an inspiring organization that we are so proud to be able to support,” says Jim Plamondon, Co-President of Roy Rogers. “This is also a personal interest of mine, as my son is currently in Poland volunteering with WCK, so we know first-hand the direct impact our efforts have in making a difference for the people of Ukraine

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