Roy Rogers Restaurants announced key investments in remodeling and technology initiatives to drive brand growth with franchise partners. For over 50 years, Roy Rogers has remained true to its guiding principle of authenticity. When deciding to blaze a trail of evolution, brand owners executed an innovative, efficient remodel that celebrates its rich history while entering a new era of relevance and creating an enjoyable environment for a new generation of customers and longstanding fans of the brand.

Renovating a collection of restaurants that were built in different decades and survived a host of design trends was a challenging goal. The stores needed changes, both inside and out to ultimately look and feel like they belong to the same family. The design had to respect the past, while improving convenience for guests and speed of service – affecting both sides of the counter for years to come. The result is an operationally efficient re-design that keeps its genuine ‘look and feel’ with a modern twist by using natural wood, neutral colors and warm lighting.

In addition to the aesthetic changes, remodeled locations also invested in updated technology including new electronic menu boards, LED lighting, an elevated drive-thru experience, and enhancements to third-party delivery. All locations also launched the new Roy Rogers mobile app last year that hosts a meaningful loyalty program and optimizes online sales opportunities. 

“We constantly look at all aspects of our operations to make our brand more relevant and drive home our positioning of being a cut above the typical quick-service restaurant,” says Jim Plamondon, co-president of Roy Rogers. “At the same time, we are intently focused on increasing efficiencies both to enhance guest satisfaction and build our bottom line. We’re fully invested in achieving these goals and optimistic these changes will improve profitability and attract new customers and franchisees.”

So far on its journey, Roy Rogers has implemented remodeled designs in 10 locations and has funded plans to revamp several locations next year.

Beyond individual locations, the Roy Rogers remodel aims to elevate its brand messaging and improve consistencies between the food, facilities, marketing and social media – from menu descriptions and font hierarchy to materials vocabulary.

“The mission behind the redesign and remodel initiative is to highlight the brand’s honest, natural, and inviting elements. The honest, quality menu offerings Roy’s provides: real USDA choice roast beef, hand-breaded chicken, burgers, and its centerpiece, the famous Fixin’s Bar,” says Plamondon. “The materials used, from wood and black iron, down to the nuts and bolts, should provide a simple look that’s clean, warm, honest and natural.”

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