Through a new interface with PAR’s Brink POS, RTI clients can now use RTI’s comprehensive back-office system, RTIconnect, with the cloud-based Point-of-Sale (POS) system. This new interface is available for RTIconnect exclusively through Retail Data Systems. In addition to the convenience and accessibility of the cloud, Brink POS also offers loyalty programs, online and mobile ordering, and surveys, providing RTI clients with a complete front- to back-of-house solution.

RTIconnect currently interfaces with more than 50 POS and food suppliers, including the top brands in both POS systems and food distribution for restaurants.

In addition, RTIConnect provides tools aimed at simplifying the task of running a restaurant, including controlling food and labor costs, managing cash, forecasting sales, and ordering and food prep needs.

“We are pleased to partner with Brink POS,” says Greg Waddell, senior vice president at RTI. “At RTI, we are committed to partnering with POS companies in order to provide the best options for our clients, allowing them to select the POS system that meets their needs while experiencing a back-of-house solution that provides a unified view of their entire business.”


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