Tongue in cheek (we hope), Rubio’s refers to itself as “the creator of the Affordable Fast Casual Fresh Mexican Grill segment” of the restaurant industry. Calling it a segment is a bit much, but Rubio’s has expanded its Fresh & Affordable menu with a $1.00 cheese enchilada.

Rubio’s new enchilada is made with stone-ground corn tortillas stuffed with jack and cheddar cheeses, and topped with a roasted enchilada sauce and more cheese. The sauce blends roasted tomatoes, chili peppers, and other spices to give a savory, smoky flavor.

“With Rubio’s emphasis on fresh, high quality ingredients and distinctive flavors, the new Cheese Enchilada gives our guests yet another unique Baja-inspired choice for lunch or dinner,” said Sheri Miksa, Rubio’s president and CEO.

Rubio’s is also offering three enchiladas in a Meal Deal with Mexican rice and a drink for $3.99.

Other items on the Fresh & Affordable menu include Carnitas Street Tacos, Fish Tacos, three chicken salads, and three Taco Meal Deals.

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