Casio America, Inc. today announced that it will be the official POS system for Runza Restaurants, a popular sandwich shop with more than 80 locations in the heart of the Great Plains. 

All of the new and renovated locations, as well as those in need of new POS equipment, will implement Casio’s QT-6600 as part of the agreement.

Runza chose Casio’s QT-6600 for its reliability, intuitiveness, and overall cost-efficiency. The QT-6600 provides a variety of features found in PC-based equipment without the inherent hard drive, hardware and operating system problems.

Casio’s QT-6600 features six RS232c ports that support various configurations of peripherals which include printers, scanners, scales, coin/liquor dispensers, surveillance devices, etc. Its smart network environment optimizes store management with the ability to update the sales of each table, track inventory, usage, maintenance, etc.

The QT-6600 offers superior security and is outfitted with an operation system that will resume quickly where it left off after a power failure.

“We initially installed Casio’s QT-6600 flash ROM-based terminals in 2011 and were immediately impressed with the technology. The training curve for the QT-6600 was very low, and enabled us to speed up transactions and credit card processing almost instantaneously,” says Renee Sjulin, vice president of Runza. “Overall, the QT-6600 provides an integrated payment solution necessary to run an efficient franchise.”

Equipped with a wide, bright, 15-inch color TFT LCD touch panel, the QT-6600 assures easy and accurate operations. Graphical icons assigned to keys offer clear categorization for item registration, numeric entry and entry confirmation that facilitates easy operations.

The QT-6600’s display touch screen can also be easily tilted and adjusted from a range of 20-70 degrees, for select operator viewing.

“Casio’s POS equipment and electronic cash registers offer seamless transactions, as well as enhanced processing speed and a lower cost of ownership by eliminating rental fees, unnecessary hardware and add-ons,” says Glenn Deal, sales and development manager of Casio’s System Products Division. “We are pleased to be partnering with Runza, and look forward to providing them with the optimum equipment to be successful.”

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