Rush Bowls – a fast-casual concept known for its fresh and healthy meals-in-a-bowl – is set to exceed last year’s number of franchise locations opened by nearly three times, with 30-50 currently in development and a plan to open 30 locations in the next year. In the next six months, Rush Bowls is expected to open 10 new locations in Nebraska, Louisiana, Florida, Indiana, Minnesota, Illinois, and Virginia. The brand opened eight locations in Utah, Arkansas, Connecticut, Texas, Washington D.C., Arizona, Michigan and South Carolina in 2020. 

“Since pioneering the smoothie bowl concept 17 years ago, we’ve built a loyal customer base and they have really helped us get to where we are today,” says Andrew Pudalov, founder and CEO of Rush Bowls. “We could not be happier to share the magic of Rush Bowls and connect with more people.”

As the demand for healthy food that is great on the go continues to increase, Rush Bowls has maintained their top spot by continuing to innovate based on trends and lifestyle changes. Although many competitors have entered the category after Rush Bowls laid the groundwork for the now-popular smoothie bowls, the brand has risen above them by prioritizing customers’ safety during the pandemic, adapting to dietary needs at no extra charge, and keeping up with changes in tastes. These strategies have propelled Rush Bowls to success, building a multitude of devoted customers.

“I’m really proud of how we navigated our way to success and were able to bring Rush Bowls to more states despite the pandemic,” says Pudalov.  “We are even more determined to continue growing, innovating, and making healthy food accessible in more communities.”

Rush Bowls has certainly made themselves a brand to watch as they have grown rapidly in such a short amount of time since deciding to franchise in 2016. Rush Bowls looks forward to serving their signature smoothie bowls that offer the perfect blend of all-natural fruits and veggies topped with delightfully crunchy, organic granola, a drizzle of honey, and your choice of fresh fruits and toppers. Far healthier than the traditional fast-casual meal that usually consists of fried foods and unpronounceable ingredients, Rush Bowls are made from whole ingredients and superfruits like acai and dragon fruit, are fully customizable and can be blended with protein, vitamins and other nutritious ingredients while remaining low in calories and fat content. 

Rush Bowls’ incredible success has been recognized by notable food publications such as QSR Magazine. In February 2021, Rush Bowls was featured on QSR’s “The 40/40 List,” which highlights America’s hottest fast-casual food concepts and works to benefit the industry by celebrating the brands that are leading in innovation. Rush Bowls was commended for their highly efficient business model, their ability to strategize and thrive in the pandemic, and their plans for aggressive growth in the future. This coverage not only celebrates what Rush Bowls has achieved so far, but it will get the attention of those who desire a fast and healthy food option in their local communities.

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