SAJJ Mediterranean, the popular family of food trucks and brick-and-mortar restaurants known for its fresh, healthy, and customizable Middle Eastern eats, has added a new plant-based protein to their menu. The Impossible Kabob, produced by Impossible Foods, is available now at all seven SAJJ locations across California, as well as both Bay Area-based food trucks.

The plant-based Impossible Kabob is made with wheat and potato proteins, soy, coconut oil, and heme, Impossible Foods’ signature ingredient that gives their products the flavor of traditional beef. SAJJ makes the kabob their own by marinating the plant-based protein in a signature marinade, giving the dish the transporting and satisfying flavors SAJJ is known for. The Impossible Kabob can be added to any of SAJJ’s entrees, like their signature sajj wrap, pita bread sandwich, turmeric rice bowl, or salad, but Executive Chef Loay Alhindi recommends it in the turmeric rice bowl with hummus, arugula, tomato, cucumber, cabbage, pickled turnips, and SAJJ tahini sauce ($14).

The restaurant industry has seen a recent rise in the demand for plant-based foods, as more consumers are calling for substitutes and alternatives to animal products. This trend has resulted in vegetarian and vegan options being added to menus across the country, particularly by way of plant-based ingredients and products. Impossible Foods produces a wide variety of plant-based meat and dairy substitutes that maintain essential nutrients, like iron and protein, while giving consumers the freedom to opt out of meat products. By producing these substitutes, Impossible Foods promotes animal rights and considers its products part of the solution to alleviating animal cruelty and harm to the environment.

“We’ve been on the hunt for a plant-based protein to add to our menu for some time, however, it was important that the new addition be both nutritious and flavorful,” says Alhindi. “Impossible Foods met both of those needs, and after adding our unique SAJJ spices and sauce, we’re confident that the Impossible Kabob will be welcomed by our customers, both meat eaters and non-meat eaters alike.”

SAJJ Mediterranean is known for their fully customizable menu Mediterranean dishes, including their famous falafel, which holds the title of “best falafel in the Bay Area” by Zagat SF. Menu items include a choice of base, protein, and toppings and sauces to mix at the customer’s discretion, which also contain fresh and locally-sourced ingredients. Rounding out the menu are several traditional Middle Eastern beverages like mint and strawberry lemonades, tamarind, and a mint yogurt drink are all made fresh at each SAJJ location, and SAJJ baklava or chocolate hummus for dessert.

For exclusive promotions, online ordering, easy in-store payment, and to join the SAJJ loyalty rewards program, download the SAJJ Street Eats mobile app. The app allows for digital access to SAJJ’s locations, and tracks payment history and past orders to reward customers with discounts and gifts. SAJJ Mediterranean is also partnered with Uber Eats, Postmates, GrubHub, Doordash, Eat24, and more to deliver their fresh eats from all locations.

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