Salad Creations opened its 50th restaurant, which is located in Miami. The chain also eclipsed the 100th-franchise-sold mark in just more than three years of franchising.

“Opening our 50th restaurant and passing the 100th franchise sold mark are two incredible milestones we have achieved in just a few short years,” says Jeff Levine, founder and CEO of Salad Creations. “Our growth and success is in direct response to today’s consumers who are looking for restaurants that specialize in delivering healthy food options. Given the current economy, our continued growth and sales are also a testament to our entire franchisee family and their tireless efforts to support the Salad Creations brand.”

Salad Creations’ ability to listen to its customer and adjust to changing trends in the food industry has also added to their success. The company recently launched a Sensible Sizing menu, which has met guests’ growing demand for healthier foods that balance portion size with taste and value. The antithesis of super-sizing, the new menu features a full line of smaller portioned Jr. Creation salads that include the company’s signature create-your-own salad and all 11 featured salads like the Heart Lover, Chinese Chopstick, and Wild Alaskan Salmon.

“More and more Americans are suffering from obesity and related problems like heart disease and diabetes,” says Levine. “We need to take responsibility and teach each other and our children what a healthy lifestyle is by promoting balanced eating and portion control. Sensible Sizing creates an opportunity for our guests to make the best possible food choices to fit their needs and tastes.”