Saladworks announced its new Cobb collection-–a brand new twist on the seasonal salad. Customers can choose to order a Cobb salad, a Cobb wrap, or a Cobb Panini (available at select stores). The collection is available from April to June 1.

“We like to emphasize our strength of using the freshest ingredients prepared daily at every location in our seasonal salad creations. Made fresh to order for every customer is one of our core values,” says John Scardapane, chairman and CEO of Saladworks, Inc.

Made to order by Saladworks’ skilled staff, the Cobb collection features juicy diced chicken, crunchy bacon, chopped eggs, fresh tomatoes, and crumbled bleu cheese. It can be served as follows:

As a signature salad on a bed of Romaine/Iceberg blend and topped with Saladworks’ creamy avocado ranch dressing

As a wrap with creamy avocado ranch dressing in with either a flour or tomato/basil tortilla

Or as a panini on thickly sliced sourdough bread spread generously with creamy avocado ranch dressing and grilled to perfection