Saladworks announced the launch of its New Year’s ResoYOUtion! campaign starting January 2021. Along with fun offers and promotions for Saladworks Rewards members, the program gives guests the opportunity to fuel their originality by focusing on four key goals: Healthier YOU, New YOUtines, Fitter YOU and Stressless YOU. To become a Saladworks Rewards member and participate, guests can enroll on the company’s website or app.

In addition to receiving a free entrée just by signing up, the multifaceted Saladworks Rewards program allows members to earn points on every visit – whether in restaurant or ordering online, which can be redeemed for menu discounts on future visits. In addition, the program engages members with “insider” information about the menu, new ingredients and recipes, upcoming events and healthful tips. The program also allows members to participate in surveys to help the brand live up to its promise in creating “WOW!” moments for its guests.

To get started with the New Year’s ResoYOUtion! Saladworks Rewards members will receive personal messages, tips, tools, resources and inspiration for helping them achieve the four key ResoYOUtions mentioned above. They are also encouraged to share personal stories as they work toward accomplishing their specific goals using the hashtag #SWResoYOUtion, much like Scott Santarlas, a Pennsylvania man who frequents Saladworks to maintain his significant weight loss of 280 pounds and uphold a healthy lifestyle. Scott incorporated Saladworks into his diet and transformed his life from one of obesity to now serving as a Fitness Trainer to help others along their personal fitness journey.

To keep motivation high during January, Saladworks will offer a Rewards Rush where Saladworks Rewards members can earn progressively more Bonus Points on every order. Upon their first order, guests will receive normal Saladworks Rewards points, and then double, triple, and quadruple Bonus Points on their second, third and fourth visits, respectively. After their fifth visit, Saladworks Rewards members will earn a Free Salad by completing the Rewards Rush. On top of that, every Tuesday is “Pick2sDay,” in which guests can earn $2 off any Pick 2 order. The brand is also running a “Soup It Up!” promotion in which Saladworks Rewards members can receive 20 Bonus Points by adding a soup to their entrée order every weekend starting on January 9th through the end of the month.

“Following a year when many people may have felt stagnant or discouraged by the challenges thrown their way, the Saladworks team wants to help our guests pursue their passions and live their best lives in 2021,” says Mark Mears, Chief Marketing Officer for Saladworks. “Our New Year’s ResoYOUtion! campaign gives everyone the opportunity to fuel their originality, whether it relates to goals that help improve nutrition, fitness, personal growth, stress relief or anything else that leads to a better YOU, all while enjoying healthful and nutritious meals from Saladworks.”

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