Fans of Salsarita’s Fresh Cantina can reveal their own secret identities with its new online quiz. By visiting, visitors discover which Salsarita’s dish best complements their personality and share it online.

The secret identities users receive are diverse— a fact which points to Salsarita’s own diversity throughout its menu, says Salsarita’s CEO and restaurant industry veteran Phil Friedman. “Our menu is as diverse as the people who visit Salsarita’s,” Friedman says. “Salsarita’s Secret Identity quiz is one fun way to reflect that idea.”

Associating a user’s personality with different dishes, Friedman adds, helps bring attention to menu offerings using a means that’s engaging and shareable.

“A secret identity’s only compelling if there are others who are privy,” Friedman says. “With Salsarita’s Secret Identity quiz, visitors are able to not only learn who they are, but they can also confide in trusted allies the identity using Facebook or Twitter.”

Yanira Castro, Salsarita’s director of marketing, says that the new online quiz represents the franchise’s strategy of putting a new twist on an existing trend. “Gamification can engage and build relationships with guests, but it’s only effective if it’s keeping with the spirit of the franchise it represents,” Castro says. “With Salsarita’s Secret Identity, guests are given an experience that’s consistent with a character about which they are already well familiar: a customized menu, enjoyed best with others.” 

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