San Jamar, a leading international supplier to the foodservice, janitorial, and sanitation markets, will now carry all of its brands and products under one name. The company, formerly known as San Jamar-Chef Revival; will now be known as San Jamar – the same name utilized by the company prior to its acquisition of Chef Revival in 2006.

"This move to position Chef Revival as a flagship brand within apparel for San Jamar is consistent with the company's overall strategy to develop a broad global portfolio of valued brands within foodservice and Jan-San markets under its traditional San Jamar umbrella identity" says Bill Roehrick, president.
San Jamar also introduces a new logo. The new logo, which replaces the rainbow and font style, highlights San Jamar’s commitment to be smart, safe, and sanitary.
“Our original logo represented San Jamar well for 28 years representing our strong presence in disposables dispensing and food safety, but our focus will broaden as we introduce many new solutions to both the jan/san and foodservice marketplace,” says Bill Roehrick, San Jamar’s president and COO. “We want this new image to communicate our commitment to new product innovation with a linkage to our past.”
The new logo features the letter “S” in color variations of blue. The “S” not only represents San Jamar but symbolizes smart, safe, sanitary a key to San Jamar heritage. The blue represents trust, integrity, safety, and cleanliness. The font style reflects a fresh and contemporary look as we expand our horizon.
The new logo will take over with the introduction of a new trade show booth at NAFEM (February 2013) and new website. Identification on product, packaging, and sales literature will be replaced as inventories are depleted. 
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