Scooter’s Coffee is bringing new levels of fun to your summer with our exciting new options featuring OREO cookies, supercharged fruit flavors, and a new cold brew version of our signature Caramelicious drink.

Cookies and cream collide in the new OREO Blender available for a limited time at Scooter’s Coffee! We’re taking our amazing ice cream base and blending it together with our classic white mocha sauce and OREO cookie pieces for a cool and creamy treat. The drink is finished with fluffy whipped cream and more OREO cookie pieces sprinkled on top. Try adding espresso for an extra kick-start to your day!

The OREO cookie goodness doesn’t stop there. Our new OREO Cake Bite packs your favorite cookies and cream flavors into a delicious new snack. We’re mixing OREO cookie pieces straight into our cake bite batter and baking it to perfection. Each cake bite is filled with vanilla crème frosting in the center, glazed with a white candy coating, and topped off with more OREO cookie pieces. Grab these bite size delights before they’re gone!

Looking to supercharge your summer? Try our new Electric Peach SCOOOT! Energy Infusion! This sweet and tangy new drink is like an electric slide for your tastebuds. Tart cherry and tangy pomegranate boost the flavors of peach and our tropical SCOOOT! Energy in every sip, resulting in a zing of summer flavor and fun. Sweet and chewy peach ring candies give this summer drink a fun finishing touch.

A Scooter’s Coffee classic is getting a new twist. Introducing the Caramelicious Crème Cold Brew, a new favorite that combines our signature creamy and buttery caramel with our slow-steeped smooth cold brew. This addition to our menu features our cold brew infused with caramel goodness, enriched with a splash of heavy cream, and topped off with our new Caramelicious cold foam.

Our new Strawberry Lime Quencher and Pineapple Mint Quencher are already making big waves this summer! Splash into these refreshing fruit flavors that come mixed with lemonade and green coffee extract for a caffeine boost. Hit the refresh button by swapping lemonade for iced green tea or creamy coconut milk in either drink. What will be your favorite Quencher combo?

These cool and delicious favorites are the perfect pairing for summertime fun. Visit for more information or Scoot on Around to your nearest Scooter’s Coffee location.

OREO is a trademark of Mondelēz International group, used under license.

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