ShopKeep POS, the simplest way to make smarter business decisions, announces the launch of its new iPad mini register to help improve merchant operations. The new feature is a breakthrough in POS system technology and is currently on display at the National Retail Federation’s Convention and Expo (NRF) in New York City.

Designed to dramatically reduce wait times and enhance efficiency, the ShopKeep POS iPad mini uses the MagTek uDynamo credit card swiper and allows merchants to take orders from customers right as they walk in the store. The cashier can go down the line ringing up orders, accepting credit cards for payment, printing them to the kitchen, and emailing receipts to customers. Customers can go straight to the pick-up counter for their order.
"Our iPad mini register lets merchants service customers right when they walk in the door,” says Jason Richelson, CEO and founder of ShopKeep POS. “Plus, it helps to make operations run more smoothly when lines get long.”
Priced at $49/month, the ShopKeep POS iPad mini register is a remarkable breakthrough for small business and quick-serve restaurants who grapple with long lines especially during morning rush hour and lunchtime.
"We like our guests and we like to see them, so the most important thing for me is that we welcome them right away so they never feel like we are too busy for them," says David Steingard, CEO of Laughing Man Coffee & Tea, a New York based coffee shop founded with actor Hugh Jackman that donates profits to charity. "With the iPad mini we can take the extra step of taking orders further down the line, outside, or where we need to. It helps move the line, but more importantly it sends a great message to our customers that we are continually working to make their coffee experience better."
With more than 3,500 active customers, ShopKeep POS is the leading iPad POS system in the country and is the #1 app in the “New and Noteworthy” section of the iTunes App Store Business category. 
ShopKeep POS give merchants a simple but powerful iPad POS solution for business processes including managing inventory and tracking real time sales from a remote location. ShopKeep POS empowers small business owners to succeed and grow.
You can check out the new ShopKeep POS iPad mini register from January 14 -15 at the Star Micronics Booth (Booth #1311) at the NRF Show being held currently at the Javits Center in New York City.
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