Church’s Chicken is giving its guests a first-ever look inside its test kitchen for an up-close-and-personal encounter with the fresh, hand-prepared ingredients and great taste people have loved for 66 years. Church’s is launching a nationwide “Here’s The Deal” culinary-focused TV advertising campaign, developed by the J. Walter Thompson Atlanta, which connects with guests by highlighting quality, value and choice. The campaign also celebrates the heart of the Church’s Chicken dining experience: Real Food Made by Real People.

This is the first installment of the campaign that will showcase the culinary skills of the brand’s innovative chefs and the unique spirit of creativity behind one of Church’s most popular items—Smokehouse Chicken—a limited-time-only offer that returns to nationwide menus beginning on May 28.

“Church’s food tradition is grounded in authentic, quality ingredients, and genuine hospitality. When you have real culinary skill in the kitchen, you don’t need any gimmicks,” says Church’s Chief Global Marketing Officer Hector Munoz. “Our guests know that about us, and the ad campaign really reinforces who we are and lets them in on our brand truth, which is the time, the care, and the attention we put into making our food.”

Church’s food is hand-prepared in restaurants daily, making Church’s a unique type of quick-service restaurant. “Our food is far from simple,” said Munoz. “It’s made to exacting standards with fresh ingredients by real cooks, many who have been with us for years.”

The Church’s Smokehouse Chicken is a one-of-a-kind recipe that is a creative twist on fried chicken that is cooked with a special spice blend and no batter or breading of any kind. “With that type of dedication comes a meaningful understanding of the tastes and experiences guests love and expect. For instance, over the years, Church’s most loyal guests have favored bone-in chicken products. Smokehouse Chicken not only acknowledges this preference but also kicks it up a notch by offering an all-new cut – an entire half-chicken. Still bone-in, Church’s is innovating in a unique section of the menu that matters to its guests rather than simply focusing on boneless chicken flavors like the rest of the category,” adds Munoz.

The test kitchen setting serves as a strategic platform to showcase that the brand serves authentic and fresh food prepared by real chefs. According to Church’s Senior Director of Advertising Georgia Margeson, new menu development is a constant, not an exception. “At Church’s, we constantly cook up new twists on classic favorites because our guests want variety and value,” she explains. The culinary focused campaign, which will be seen in Church’s media markets across the country, is part of the platform designed to evolve over time to feature Church’s latest achievements in taste and choice, while also remaining true to the reason people love Church’s— what Margeson calls “real meals made with real skill by real people … done really well.”

“These spots showcase that Church’s is anything but assembly line fast food,” says Vann Graves, Chief Creative Officer for J. Walter Thompson. “We’re inviting guests into the kitchen to see the personal care and fresh flavors that make Church’s Smokehouse Chicken such a unique product.” The evolution to the kitchen resulted in elevated food photography showcasing fresh ingredients and made-from-scratch preparations behind every item on brand’s menu.

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