It’s companies like Smoothie King, the world’s largest smoothie brand with more than 1,300 global locations, whose continued growth has painted a clear picture of what’s to come in 2022. Despite the uncertainty that 2021 brought, the brand saw a 16.5% sales increase year-over-year domestically and opened 109 new stores globally. 

Smoothie King’s resilience and success in the face of historic economic upheaval continues to set the industry standard for pandemic-proof investment opportunities for entrepreneurs. For consumers and entrepreneurs alike, the close of the year brings with it goals of personal health and wellness progress as well as professional betterment, both of which serve to bring customers through the door and franchisees to the table for the leading smoothie brand.  

These factors played into Smoothie King’s growth this year as they welcomed 38 new franchisees and signed 196 store commitments. Many of whom were attracted to the brands franchising opportunities by means of its FRANdata FUND score of 855, the best predictor of the future performance of a franchise system that publicly available information can provide. This score is an indicator of the safety and security that outside investors and aspiring business owners can expect with Smoothie King.  

The brand saw significant payoff in the measures they began incorporating this year to boost digital sales for the franchise. Namely, with their healthy rewards app, online ordering for pickup and delivery, and the use of tablet devices to ease the in-person ordering experience. All were instrumental in boosting net profits and generating multiple revenue streams for the company, which will play heavily into the increased success of franchisees.    

Of the 196 store commitments, 63% came directly from existing franchisees who are looking to grow across the country. This growth proves the brand’s vision to be an integral part of every health and fitness journey resonates with their guests and franchisees alike.    

Smoothie Kings strong and consistent growth underscores the economic momentum that’s fueling the revitalization of American communities. And having comfortably exceeded their goals for brand expansion in 2021, the Smoothie King team is confident in the metrics they’ll be met with in the New Year. With an aim of spreading brand awareness and core messaging from coast to coast stronger than ever before, they plan to attract 70 new franchisees and sign 200 total store commitments in 2022. In addition, Smoothie King recently ranked No. 13 on Entrepreneur Magazine’s Franchise 500 list. The brand moved up six spots from last year’s ranking, further cementing the Smoothie King name as the industry leader amongst consumers and competitors. Smoothie King was also named one of the Top Franchises for 2022 by Franchise Business Review.  

“Despite what is still in many ways an unsteady economy, there’s never been a better time to become a part of the Smoothie King family than now,” says Wan Kim, CEO and Chairman of the Board of Smoothie King. “The brand has demonstrated nothing but growth and resilience in the face of economic upheavals and disruptions these past 20 months, with the average franchisee amassing net profits higher than the company has ever seen. Pandemonium and uncertainty aside, Smoothie King has continued to inspire millions to live a healthy and active lifestyle, and this past year goes to prove that.”  

The focus of the franchise now turns to the New Year, where they plan to continue ramping up unit-level economics and system-wide growth through the introduction of new consumer-facing technology, product lines, and tools for franchisee success. All geared towards inspiring guests and team members to live a healthy and active lifestyle, one which, with the help of Smoothie King, will be more convenient and obtainable than ever.  

As the world’s largest smoothie brand with more than 1,300 stores open, Smoothie King has achieved same-store sales growth for the past 9+ years by delivering masterfully crafted blends that support its guests’ healthy and active lifestyles.

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