Smoothie King announced the return of its X-Treme Watermelon smoothie and a mew X-TremeWatermelon Lemonade smoothie, with a surprising campaign twist. Just in time for the heatof summer, the X-Treme Watermelon smoothie has inspired a new steamy romance novel entitled, “A Summer Fling to the X-Treme” co-authored with ChatGPT. 

Intrigued? Smoothie King is publishing a limited run of 300 paperback copies for free at for brand fans and new readers alike. 

“Smoothie King guests have been asking for the return of our X-Treme Watermelon™ smoothie for some time, and we wanted to do something special to celebrate,” says Marianne Radley, CMO of Smoothie King. “These smoothies are fun, and bursting with extreme summer flavors, so it only made sense to pair them with an extremely playful campaign. X-Treme Watermelon™ and X-Treme Watermelon Lemonade™ smoothies are officially back, and we’re excited to offer our guests a delicious way to treat themselves during the hot summer months.” 

Smoothie King guests can now cool off with the brand’s newest limited-time smoothies. Capitalizing on summer’s favorite flavors, watermelon and lemonade, X-Treme Watermelon™ and X-Treme Watermelon Lemonade are an easy way to pack more power and flavor into your summer treat. 

X-Treme Watermelon includes: 

Watermelon juice blend, strawberries, coconut water, dairy whey blend 

X-Treme Watermelon Lemonade includes: 

Watermelon juice blend, strawberries, white grape lemon juice blend, turbinado 

The smoothies are available through August 28 or while supplies last, at all locations nationwide forpurchase in-store or on the Smoothie King app. 

Additionally, Smoothie King fans have an opportunity to win a free 20oz smoothie if they crack a secret code. A series of codes is hidden within each copy of “A Summer Fling to the X-Treme” and the first 300 readers that solve the code (and download the app) will receive a free smoothie offer in the app. 

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