Red Mango announced the expansion of its menu with a new line of probiotic smoothies and made-to-order parfaits at participating locations nationwide. Inviting America to “Re-Think Lunch,” Red Mango is growing beyond a treat destination, targeting lunch customers on the go who want calorie-conscious meals.

“It’s all about giving the customer choices,” says Dan Kim, president and CEO of Red Mango. “Sometimes health can take a backseat when grabbing a meal on the run. That’s why we are encouraging customers to re-think yogurt and consider Red Mango a lunch-worthy option.”

Red Mango parfaits are made-to-order in two combinations that include the company’s proprietary Original frozen yogurt, fresh fruit, and organic flax seed granola. The Mixed Berry parfait is layered with fresh blueberries, strawberries, and bananas, while the Tropical parfait offers pineapples, bananas, and mangos. Both parfaits are all natural, nonfat, and packed with healthy Omega-3s.

Red Mango smoothies, offered in four flavors (Strawberry Banana, Tropical Mango, Acai Berry, and Pomegranate by POM Wonderful) are made with fresh fruit and naturally sweetened with zero-calorie Stevia. Both parfaits and smoothies serve up a quick and satisfying meal option, around 300 calories, with all of the benefits of Red Mango yogurt, including GanedenBC30 (Bacillus coagulans GBI-30, 6086) a patented type of probiotic exclusive to Red Mango that has been shown to support a healthy immune and digestive system.

“A typical fast-food lunch can contain almost double your daily recommended intake of sugar, sodium, and fat,” says Candy James, Red Mango’s resident chef and food technologist. “When developing our new lunch menu, we wanted to ensure these items taste great, fill you up, and support a healthy and active lifestyle.”

Parfaits and smoothies join Red Mango’s all-natural line of nonfat frozen yogurts and probiotic iced teas, none of which contain fat, preservatives, or any artificial ingredients. The frozen yogurt flavors include Original, Pomegranate by POM Wonderful, Tangomonium, and the seasonal flavor Cocoa, all around 100 calories per serving. Probiotic teas are available in Lemonocity (Lemonade Green Tea), Mysteaque (Vanilla Black Tea), and Fanteasia (Wildberry Hibiscus Tea), all under 100 calories per serving.

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