Starting today, Jan. 29, SONIC Drive-in is introducing a trio of new pulled pork menu items that will redefine your love for BBQ. Available nationwide, see details on these delectable items below:

  • Meat Lover’s Paradise: Pulled Pork BBQ Cheeseburger
    • 100% pure beef patty topped with smoked pulled pork smothered in cherrywood smoke sauce, crinkle-cut pickles, and melty American cheese layered between a toasted brioche bun
  • Craveable Twist on the Beloved SONIC Tots: Pulled Pork BBQ Totchos
    • SONIC’s classic crispy, golden tots layered with smoked pulled pork, cherrywood smoke sauce, zesty cheese sauce, and melty cheddar cheese
  • Tangy, Smoky Delight: $3.99 Pulled Pork BBQ Sandwich
    • Smoked pulled pork smothered in cherrywood smoke sauce and topped with crinkle-cut pickles between a toasted brioche bun
    • From Feb. 5 through March 3, fans can get 2 of the Pulled Pork BBQ Sandwiches for only $7
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