Sprockets, a hiring solution built for the hourly workforce, announces the launch of “JoJo,” a conversational virtual recruiter that addresses the challenges operators and hourly workers face today. Business owners are scrambling to stay profitable with the rising costs of goods and labor, managers are inundated with high volumes of applications they cannot possibly review properly, and job seekers are wading through a hiring process riddled with inefficiencies. JoJo alleviates these pains by sourcing, screening, and scheduling interviews with the absolute best candidates for businesses.

JoJo works around the clock to attract applicants with engaging text and email conversations that are personalized to each individual. Her screening technology is designed to be both fast and precise, built upon Sprockets’ proven applicant-matching technology that increases 90-day retention by 43%. If the applicants are a great fit, JoJo automatically schedules an interview with them in conversation and instantly notifies the hiring managers. 

“The traditional hiring process has several ‘breakpoints’ that increase the likelihood of applicant drop-off, with them having to complete tasks in separate steps like submitting applications, filling out forms, and waiting for managers,” says AJ Richichi, CEO and Founder of Sprockets. “JoJo guides each person through everything in one seamless, authentic conversation that determines if they’re a strong match for that business. Our goal is to ensure that businesses AND hourly workers are entering the right partnerships — easier than ever before.”

The core features of JoJo include:

Sourcing: JoJo works 24/7 to recruit and engage applicants from job boards, in-store QR codes, and former candidate pools.

Screening: JoJo pre-screens and pre-qualifies all applicants to ensure managers only speak to those who are most likely to succeed at the business.

Scheduling: JoJo schedules interviews with the best applicants, reschedules when needed, and sends out reminders to all parties on interview day.

“Ultimately, JoJo saves managers valuable time and money in employee turnover by ensuring they hire the ideal applicants every time. Without JoJo, managers are forced to dedicate a large portion of their days to a frustrating hiring process,” says Zach Matook, VP of Marketing. “Plus, whether a job seeker applies at 11:00 p.m. on a Friday night or texts to reschedule at 4:00 a.m. on a Tuesday, JoJo will take care of it. JoJo takes care of all the tedious tasks, allowing managers to focus on what’s important.”

Would you like to see how JoJo can ensure you hire the best employees in less time? Visit www.sprockets.ai/jojo to learn more and get started.

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