Starpoint Brands, a family of trusted companies exemplifying the very best in their industries within United Franchise Group (UFG), announces four new appointments for its food division, Big Flavor Brands. Peter Totillo is now Vice President, Training and Support of Big Flavor Brands, Rick Case is Vice President, Operations of Cannoli Kitchen Pizza, Chuck McAulay is Vice President, Marketing for The Great Greek Mediterranean Grill and Ryan Papillo is Vice President, Operations for Graze Craze.

Totillo will be vital in providing the training and support to successfully launch new locations for food brands within Big Flavor Brands, including Cannoli Kitchen Pizza, The Great Greek Mediterranean Grill, and Graze Craze. Previously, Totillo was Director of Operations for Graze Craze.

“Peter Totillo’s 25-plus years in the restaurant industry coupled with more than 12 years of experience in training managers will be valuable as we work to scale all of the food brands,” says AJ Titus, President of Starpoint Brands. “Peter has worked in every area of food service and used these experiences to successfully launch Graze Craze franchise locations in the last two-and-a-half years. In his new role, he will now bring this expertise and leadership to serve all three food brands.” 

Totillo will train brand managers, franchise operators and UFG’s business consultants and will provide in-store support to franchise owners and international markets. Totillo will also work alongside Rick Case to develop a comprehensive training program for franchisees and managers to successfully launch Cannoli Kitchen Pizza, the newest restaurant to become a franchise under Big Flavor Brands.

“Rick Case brings more than 30 years of restaurant experience to our team,” says Austin Titus, President of Cannoli Kitchen Pizza. “His experience comes from both serving mom-and-pop restaurants and national brands, so we are confident he will help us keep the family-owned feel that Cannoli Kitchen is well-known for but make positive changes that efficiently scale the brand.”

In his new role, Case will help Cannoli Kitchen Pizza develop a solid system for new store openings and conversions alike that is built on consistency to ensure franchisees deliver the same experience and authentic recipes at locations nationwide.

In support of The Great Greek Mediterranean Grill, McAulay has been hired to spearhead the brand’s marketing programs and initiatives. Previously, McAulay served as Marketing Director for The Great Greek and was later named Vice President of Marketing for two of the food brands under Starpoint Brands.

“We’re pleased to welcome Chuck McAulay back to The Great Greek, where he will oversee marketing for the restaurant. With more than 30 years of experience, Chuck brings an innovative and transformational approach to marketing campaigns,” says Bob Andersen, President of The Great Greek Mediterranean Grill. “His experience leading and managing marketing campaigns for global and national brands will be critical for raising more awareness and driving traffic to restaurant locations nationwide.”

In his new role, McAulay will lead the marketing program while leveraging traditional, digital and social channels that will amplify The Great Greek’s vision strategy while supporting propelled revenue growth, brand exposure and market growth.

“In the last year, Ryan Papillo’s commitment to increasing revenue through the development of new channels and building technical platforms was key to helping us successfully scale the brand,” says Cory Hibbard, President of Graze Craze. “With the increasing popularity of graze-style dining, we’re eager to elevate Ryan to a new role where he will oversee operations and provide support to franchisees for new and existing franchise locations.”

Previously, Papillo served as the Director of National Accounts for Graze Craze, where he leveraged 20 years of experience as he developed a national accounts program that facilitated business opportunities designed to successfully scale Graze Craze into a proven franchise model.

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