Steak Escape opened its second Middle East location in May, in the island country of Bahrain. The new restaurant opened in the Juffair Centre, an in-line center within walking distance of a U.S. Naval base. Spread out over two stories, the dining area is among the largest of any Steak Escape restaurants.

Like the first Middle East Steak Escape, which opened in Bahrain last fall, the new
restaurant is the result of a partnership between Columbus, Ohio–based Escape
Enterprises Ltd. and Al-Emtyaz, which plans to open multiple Steak Escape restaurants within the region of the United Arab Emirates, Oman, Bahrain, Qatar, Kuwait, and Saudi Arabia.

“This location offers two great advantages,” says Wael Chehade, senior operations manager for Al-Emtyaz. “We get our own citizens who like cheesesteaks and like to see their food cooked in front of their eyes using fresh ingredients. We also get heavy foot traffic from the U.S. sailors who appreciate a familiar taste from home.”

The menu at these locations features Steak Escape staples like the Grand Escape and Grand Chicken sandwiches and wraps, plus Smashed Potatoes and fresh-cut Fries. Local flavors have also been added, including Garlic Butter Shrimp and Chipotle Hamour—a popular local fish—Sub Sandwiches.

“We’ve been very pleased with the response and warm welcome our food has received in Bahrain, as well as with our experience with Al Emtyaz,” says Ken Smith, chairman of Escape Enterprises. “In just a few short months we’ve opened two different models of our restaurant in Bahrain, one in a mall food court and the other in a strip center, and both have proven successful. Al Emtyaz has done a commendable job carrying out the Steak Escape tradition of providing customers with quality food and a fun dining experience.”

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