Stevi B’s Pizza has introduced two new pizzas: Chicken Pesto and Pumpkin Pie.

The Chicken Pesto thin crust pizza was launched as part of its commitment to offer healthier options to customers. Stevi B’s Pizza’s system-wide thin crust pizza addition enables customers even more options with an eye toward healthier alternatives.

The Chicken Pesto thin crust pizza will add another thin crust option to the buffet, in addition to the recently added Greek thin crust pizza to create a new lineup of thin crust pizza options.

“For Stevi B’s Pizza, the addition of thin crust pizza options was a natural evolution, building upon not only our commitment to offering a variety of pizzas to please the whole family, but also our commitment to providing new healthier options,” says Allyson Smith, chief marketing officer for Stevi B’s Pizza.

The Chicken Pesto pizza features fresh basil pesto, diced tomatoes, diced chicken, and Mozzarella. It is baked in the oven on a light and crispy thin crust.

“Consumers today are demanding healthier options and Stevi B’s is evolving its menu to meet these demands,” says Matthew Loney, president and CEO of Stevi B’s Pizza.

Other healthier options at Stevi B’s Pizza include a choice of whole-wheat crust on all pizzas, a customizable salad bar offering 17 toppings, a Spinach Alfredo pizza, a Tomato Alfredo pizza, and a Vegetarian pizza.

Stevi B’s is also bringing back a popular seasonal dessert pizza this fall, the Pumpkin Pie Pizza, for a limited time only this September.

The Pumpkin Pie Pizza features warm pumpkin pie filling baked fresh in the oven and then drizzled with sweet icing. 

“Consumers love to try our seasonal dessert pizza options,” Loney says. “The Pumpkin Pie Pizza is perfect for satisfying consumers fall flavor cravings.”

The new Pumpkin Pie Pizza will be available as a limited-time offer for the fall. In addition to the Peach Cobbler pizza, guests can choose from other dessert favorites like the Apple Crisp and Chocolate Bavarian pizzas, as well as sweet rolls served warm, topped with cinnamon and sugar, and drizzled with icing.

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