Sublime Doughnuts, Atlanta’s award-winning doughnut shop, announced plans to open franchise opportunities for interested investors.

Sublime Doughnuts is owned by Culinary Institute of America graduate Kamal Grant. Grant opened Sublime Doughnuts in 2008 in the eclectic West Midtown neighborhood of Atlanta and has seen revenues exceed expectations for the small doughnut shop since day one.

Sublime Doughnuts has landed on every “best of” list in Atlanta since its opening. In addition to a loyal following of Georgia Tech students and Atlanta foodies, Sublime Doughnuts has earned national accolades.

Food & Wineeditor in chief Dana Cowin included Sublime Doughnuts on her list of “2012 Best Doughnuts in America”; Bake Magazine named Sublime Doughnuts “America’s Best Bakery of 2012”; and its “out-of-the-ordinary ring of fried dough” landed iton US News & World Report’s “America’s Best Doughnuts” in 2013.

"Sublime Doughnuts has been enormously successful," Grant says, "because we’re not an ordinary doughnut shop. Sublime Doughnuts is a unique concept, combining baking finesse with innovative taste combinations in an urban atmosphere.

“My goal has always been to elevate the doughnut to its deserving place as a culinary creation,” he adds. “For that reason, Sublime Doughnuts is more than just delicious doughnuts; it's a brand in the right place at the right time. That is why I believe Sublime Doughnuts is a good candidate for successful franchising."

Grant was contacted in 2011 by an investor who was looking for the best gourmet doughnut shop in the United States to replicate in Bangkok, Thailand. A telephone call to Grant and a subsequent visit to Atlanta to taste the “sublime” sweets closed the deal, and the first Sublime Doughnuts franchise opened in Bangkok on February 12, 2012.

Grant is now in discussions with a possible investor in Cairo, Egypt.

Grant believes that a conservative approach to evaluating franchisees will preserve the integrity of the Sublime Doughnuts brand. To further support the brand, the Atlanta location will undergo a dramatic makeover to better align the look of the shop with the magic of Grant’s doughy creations.

The new look will also serve as the standard for all franchised locations domestically and internationally. Grant will expect each location to add its own flavors to both the menu and the interior of the shops.

Sublime Doughnuts franchising opportunities are available in the United States and are in development internationally. 

Denise Lee Yohn: QSR's Marketing Guru, Desserts, Growth, News, Sublime Doughnuts