March is National Nutrition Month and Subway
announces the arrival of its new and improved online nutrition guide.
The guide will serve as a valuable
resource for health-conscious consumers as well as nutrition

This year, according to the American Dietetic Association, the primary
theme of National Nutrition Month in the United States is “Food and
Fitness: Build a Healthy Lifestyle,” which challenges consumers to take
responsibility for their food and nutrition. In Canada, the theme is
“Make Sense of the Food You Eat,” and according to the organization,
Dietitians of Canada, its concern is that since there is so much
information available, the public may often get confused over what to
believe. Both organizations will focus on the basics in order to allow
consumers to make their own sensible choices.

Regularly updated by Subway’s corporate dietician, Lanette Roulier,
R.D., the online nutrition guide at, offers expanded
nutritional data that goes well beyond calories and fat grams.
“We also provide numbers for cholesterol, sodium, carbohydrates,
vitamins and minerals for all Subway sandwiches, salads, cookies, bread
and veggies regularly sold in the U.S. and Canada,” says Roulier.
“Information regarding nutritional values for Subway food served in
Australia and New Zealand will be updated shortly with additional
countries being added in the future.”

Aside from nutritional facts and figures, Subway’s online nutrition
guide provides information about product ingredients, and dietary and
weight management tips. A nutrition reference library with links to
various health and nutrition organizations, governmental agencies and
sites for those with special dietary needs is also provided.
In addition, the Subway online nutrition guide features an area where
professionals in the nutrition and health fields may sign up for updates
and future information regarding Subway’s menu.

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