Subway Restaurants has two new flags flying in the Hall of Flags in its Milford, Connecticut headquarters for the newest member-nations to open sandwich shops, the Republic of Zambia and the country of Guyana. The flags have joined a host of more than 70 flags that commemorate the opening of Subway restaurants around the world.

The Zambian restaurant owner, Robert D’Alberto, first discovered Subway on the internet and quickly moved to join the ranks of Subway restaurant owners. DÕAlbertoÕs shop, which opened in mid-November, is located in the first shopping mall of its kind to open on Zambian soil and is accessible to most of the major attractions of the countryÕs capital of Lusaka. The restaurant is conveniently located near Lusaka University and is surrounded by one of the cityÕs major residential areas and a major interstate.

The sandwich chain is breaking into new territories in Zambia, but has good company on the African continent with its fellow new-arrival in Guyana, which opened in late October.

The Guyana restaurant is located in the country’s capital of Georgetown, and received rave reviews in its first week. The restaurant opened its doors with 15 employees, but had to hire eight more by the third day of business to keep up with demand. Owner Brian Young said that the grilled chicken sub is GuyanaÕs favorite, pointing to sales of more than 500 pounds of chicken in the first week of operation.

Currently, there are more than 2700 Subway restaurants open in countries outside the U.S and Canada, with nearly 20 of these open in the southern half of Africa.

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