SweetFrog Frozen Yogurt announced that Cake Batter has emerged as the 2017 champion of sweetFrog FroYo Madness. Through an online fan poll, Cake Batter collected 43 percent of vote to defeat Cookies & Cream, Georgia Peach and Strawberry Soft Serve Fruit in the “Frog Four.”

FroYo Madness, an online bracket challenge, mirrored the NCAA college basketball tournament bracket as 64 flavors went head-to-head in four regions until a FroYo flavor champion emerged.

Philip Hipsky, sweetFrog’s director of product development and FroYo bracket expert, says sweetFrog FroYo Madness had something for everyone.

“Cake Batter has done it on the biggest stage in the FroYo world,” says Hipsky. “But, we shouldn’t lose sight of what the other 63 flavors brought to the dessert table.  Their genuine flavor and rich deliciousness will serve as an enduring reminder of what made this competition so special.”

Similar to the NCAA Tournament, sweetFrog FroYo Madness was comprised of 64 sweetFrog flavor “teams” split up into four sixteen-team regions (Scoop, Cookie, Sweet, Frog).  The competition started on March 15, and followed a similar schedule to the NCAA Tournament

All sweetFrog fans who participated in sweetFrog FroYo Madness received an online coupon for a free cup of their favorite flavor through the sweetFrog Loyalty program.

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