SweetFrog Frozen Yogurt is rolling out new flavors to get everybody in the mood for the warmer, sunny days ahead.

The sweetFrog team has been busy, mixing, measuring, and blending delicious flavors to create the newest sensations at participating sweetFrog locations.  These include cool “Irish Mint Cookie”, the perfect St. Patrick’s Day treat, and sweet “Peach Melba,” sure to be a springtime staple for sweetFrog lovers coast to coast.

SweetFrog’s CEO, Patrick Galleher, is excited about these new flavors. He credits Phil Hipsky, sweetFrog’s Director of Product Development, and the rest of the sweetFrog team for capturing the special deliciousness of springtime by the scoop.

“Our Irish Mint Cookie yogurt blends smooth, sugar-free Irish cream, with non-fat chocolate and mint cookie,” says Galleher. “The Peach Melba yogurt offers something completely different that’s custom built for warmer weather.  It makes you think of fresh, Georgia peaches, combined with the tart sweetness of our Raspberry yogurt—creating just the right touches of spring for our customers.  We’ve developed these flavors because we know our guests expect new and fresh experiences when they visit our stores. We work hard to keep our standards high, and love rewarding loyal customers by delivering amazing, consistent, premium products.”

SweetFrog’s self-serve “Swirl Stations” will also be getting a work-out from guests beginning this month. That’s according to Hipsky, sweetFrog’s Director of Product Development who is better known as the “sweetFrog Flavor Masters Chief.”

“There will be Swirl Stations set aside for our guests to make their own ‘Grasshopper Pie’ swirl,” says Hipsky.  “This swirl combines decadent Fudge Brownie Batter yogurt with Mint Cookie Yogurt, or ‘Peach Cobbler,” by swirling together our delicious, sugar free vanilla yogurt and peach yogurt.”

Hipsky continues, saying even more flavors and swirls are on the horizon.

“We want our guests to know we’ll be adding even more wonderful yogurt flavors in the coming weeks,” says Hipsky, “including, ‘Mississippi Mud Pie’, ‘Fruitopia’, and ‘Gooey Banana Cake’. Plus, back by popular demand, sweetFrog will be featuring ‘Creamsicle’ yogurt, very soon, at participating locations. I know I’m joined by everyone at sweetFrog when I say we all get a kick out of delivering big, ‘smile on your face’, flavors to our guests each day.”

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